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Duty Hour Completion Procedures

To achieve timely completion and submission of resident duty hour information, the Graduate Medical Education Committee at SIU School of Medicine has approved the following policy. 

Twice each month, as specified in diagram 1 below, a review of all resident New Innovations duty hour records will be made by the Office of Residency Affairs to identify those residents whose duty hour records may be delinquent. Residents who have not entered, approved and signed off on their New Innovations duty hours for the specified interval. will be suspended with loss of clinical/hospital privileges and clinical credit toward training requirements, for a minimum of 24 hours, or longer if the delinquency is not resolved within 24 hours. The suspension will begin at 8:00 am the next business day. Vacation or other leave time cannot be used to make this time up.

When a suspended resident has fulfilled his/her duty hour logging obligation, the Office of Residency Affairs will notify the Program Director and the Program Coordinator as quickly as possible.

This suspension counts towards the cumulative number of suspension days as specified in the Delinquent Medical Records and Duty Hour Records policy which can be reviewed online at

 Last Approval Date:  October 21, 2016

 Effective Date: October 21, 2016