This standard was developed for SIU Medicine. SIU Medicine collectively applies to the SIU School of Medicine (SIU SOM), including the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), and SIU HealthCare (SIU HC). These entities are collectively referred to as SIU in this document.

This document applies to SIU staff, faculty, trainees, agents, officers, directors, interns, volunteers, contractors, and any other individual or entity engaged in providing teaching, research and health care items and services at SIU. These individuals are collectively referred to as SIU personnel in this document.


The term “resident” is inclusive of all trainees at SIU SOM, whether training in a residency or fellowship program.  The term “program” is inclusive of all SIU residency or fellowship programs, whether accredited or non-accredited.


The goal of this standard is to outline the process required for seeking approval to host a visiting resident.


HSHS St. John’s Hospital and Springfield Memorial Hospital are significantly over their “cap” of funded residents, therefore neither will reimburse the stipend, benefits, or malpractice insurance for a visiting resident.

Program Responsibilities

  1. The SIU program must request a letter of rotation approval from the Home Program Director. The letter must include the following:
    1. Stated approval of the away rotation with dates the visiting resident would like to be at the SIU program.
    2. Confirmation that the resident is not on probation or in academic deficiency status. 
    3. Confirmation that the resident’s stipend & benefits will be provided by their employer.
    4. Confirmation of Illinois licensure (provide a copy of license) or stated plan to obtain a temporary license.
    5. Confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination (provide a copy of verification).
    6. Confirmation of malpractice coverage (provide a certificate of insurance).
    7. In addition to the PD letter a copy of the following must be provided:
      1. Draft Program Letter of Agreement and/or Affiliation Agreement.
      2. ERAS application and corresponding documents for credentialing.
  2. The SIU Program Director must send a request to the Office of Graduate Medical Education (OGME).
    1. Springfield Programs: minimum of four months prior to the start date of the rotation.
    2. Affiliate Programs: minimum of three months prior to the start date of the rotation.
  3. The request packet must include:
    1. A cover letter from the SIU Program Director which includes: 
      1. Dates the visiting resident will be at SIU.
      2. Description of rotation experience with goals and objectives.
      3. Locations where the training will take place (i.e. hospital name(s), clinic, etc.).
    2. The letter and supporting documents from Home Program Director.
    3. Request for Visiting Resident to Springfield form.

Office of Graduate Medical Education Responsibilities

  1. Upon receipt of the request packet from SIU host program, OGME will proceed with the review as follows:
    1. Springfield Program as host:
      1. Visiting resident is from an affiliate SIU program – GMEC approves as an individual or standing rotation and rotation is approved by ACGME Review Committee if required.  OGME seeks approval of the rotation from IRACC.
      2. Visiting resident is from a non-SIU program – OGME seeks approval of rotation from IRACC.  If approved, OGME submits Request for Visiting Resident to Springfield form with the required documents to HSHS St. John’s, Springfield Memorial Hospital and SIU SOM Legal Counsel for review and any needed Institutional Agreements. 
    2. Affiliate Program as host:  Associate Dean for GME will review the packet.
  2. Once the rotation is approved as indicated above and if applicable, when the institutional affiliation agreement is finalized, OGME will notify the program of the approval.  For Springfield based rotations, OGME will send the resident’s credentials and the program director's letters to the hospital(s) at which the rotation will be taking place for approval, which will also give the visiting resident access to appropriate systems.