Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, you will encounter a resident who is not performing at their level of training. Approximately 10% of residents across multiple specialties struggle with underperformance due to academic and/or professionalism issues at some point, and among surgical programs, the prevalence may be closer to 20-30%. Proactively addressing underperformance is stressful, but not addressing performance problems early usually becomes even more stressful.  If you have a resident with performance problems, keep these things in mind:

The earlier performance problems are addressed, the more likely they are to be resolved.

You don’t have to handle it alone – utilize your faculty, your CCC, the GME Office.

The following policies and documents can provide some direction:  

    Academic Deficiency

    Due Process and Resident Complaint

    Professional Conduct and Misconduct

    Developing a Performance Improvement Plan

    Non Succeeding Learner Algorithm.

If you are concerned enough about a resident to be reading these polices, pick up the phone and call the Director of GME at 217-545-3846 or the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education at 217-545-8852.