Our submission form and judging criteria follow the Revised Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence (SQUIRE) guidelines. For additional information on SQUIRE guidelines, visit

Include anyone who should receive credit/was involved with the project (if applicable).
Additional questions
Describe the nature and significance of the problem. How and why did you choose this problem? How does the current literature support or inform the problem you chose? What is your AIM statement – “how good, by when”?
What QI methodology did you apply (PDSA cycles, Six Sigma DMAIC, etc.)? What intervention did you choose? How do you know that your intervention made a difference? Describe your steps and measures.
What were your results? Were there any unanticipated outcomes, problems or failures?
How did these results apply to the initial problem? What is the impact of the results on care delivery or clinical outcomes? What did you learn that might change how you practice medicine?