Student Electives


Ambulatory Care
Student will see patients at Family Medicine Center in Carbondale and at one of the satellite clinics nine half-days per week. Other time will be spent in conference or in individually designed activities including home visits, nursing home visits, special clinics, etc.


  • Experience outpatient medicine.
  • Understand the importance of outpatient care.
  • Develop skills in outpatient problem management as performed by a physician and ancillary staff.

Completed through observation of and discussion with the student on an ongoing basis, and an evaluation with the attending physician at the end of the rotation.


  • Successful completion of all third-year clerkships.

For housing, contact Krista Boardman at:
SIU Center for Family Medicine | Carbondale

305 W Oak St,
Carbondale, IL 62901
(618) 536-0226

Student to contact Andy Yochum, D.O., one month before beginning elective at:
SIU Center for Family Medicine | Carbondale

305 W Oak St,​
Carbondale, IL 62901 
(618) 536-0226