During their 4 week rotation in the Emergency Department students will work with a variety of helath care providers including attendings, residents, and nurses. This will give the students an opportuity to experience a wide variety of practice patterns and teaching styles. At the end of the shift students will get direct feedback on their performance for the shift as well as have written feedback to help improve their patient care skills and provide valuable insight for longitutinal development.

Students should email a link at the end of their shift to their preceptor and include Nichol Timms (ntimms99@siumed.edu) on those emails so we can help facilitate this process.. 

Students are additionally encouraged to complete evaluations on the attendings and residents they worked with so that we can help improve the rotation and provide direct feedback to our edcuators and to improve the structure of the rotation in general, 

Links for evaluations

On The Fly evaluation of medical student

Evaluation of Preceptor

Evaluation of Resident