Year 4 Sub-Intensive

Fourth-year students wanting to pursue emergency medicine residency and obtain a Standardize Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) may choose to enroll in the Year 4 Sub-Intensive rotation. This elective is open to both SIU and visiting students. Rotators in the elective will be given primary care responsibility for emergency department patients under the supervision of emergency medicine physicians. Students will engage in the following activities; patient workups and orders, documentation of patient encounters, communication with faculty regarding patient care, and performance of a variety of procedures. The focus of this elective is on student autonomy and particularly in developing skills as a patient manager. Students will participate in additional sessions during the rotation including high-fidelity simulation, procedural labs, and a case presentation.

Stipends in the amount of $500 are available to a limited number of visiting student rotators each year designed to help support travel expenses, housing, and/or meals.

Contact Robert Tennill, MD at for further details.