Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Students who would like to explore a career in emergency medicine are encouraged to join the SIU Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG).  This student interest group hosts various meetings dealing with an array of topics related to emergency medicine. During the fall, EMIG hosts a “Welcome to Emergency Medicine” Meet and Greet. EM faculty also attend and are available to answer any and all questions students may have about becoming an emergency medicine physician. The group also plans several simulations and skills labs as well as advising sessions throughout the year to introduce or assist students in the following areas: chest tube insertion, central line placements, PEP assistance, Sub-I advice, and guidance with applying to residencies. For more information, contact any of the EMIG officers at EMIG.siusom@gmail.com.

President: Maggie Armstrong
Vice President: Lexi Gazda
Secretary: Brea Sturm
Community Outreach Coordinator: Marissa Kircher
EMRA Representative: Nick Decker
M3 Representatives: Catherine Richards, Evan Jenkins, Aaron Fleming