Medical Humanities Clerkship


The Department of Medical Humanities at SIU School of Medicine is proud to offer a clerkship for medical students. This program helps students gain a deeper understanding of complex elements of the human condition, including illness, suffering and belief systems.

Our goal is to help doctors-in-training gain deeper insights into their own assumptions, beliefs and perspectives so they can hone their empathetic as well as medical expertise, thus creating more effective patient/provider relationships.

To do this, we draw from the wisdom and data of humanities fields such as philosophy, religion, anthropology, sociology and the arts. This knowledge is then incorporated into a comprehensive curriculum that will influence and enhance the humanistic awareness of a future generation of health care providers.


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Rao - bioethicist

SIU School of Law’s Ryan Bioethicist Lecture to examine future of reproductive rights

Radhika Rao, a law professor who has written extensively about reproductive rights, will deliver the 2023 John and Marsha Ryan Bioethicist in Residence lecture at 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 9 at the SIU School of Medicine.

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