Year 3 Medical Humanity goals

Goals for Year 3 Medical Humanities students.

Goal:  We aim to create dialogue and stimulate reflection that aids in nurturing compassionate healers

Our mission is to help doctors-in-training gain deeper insights into their own assumptions, beliefs and perspectives so they can hone their empathetic as well as medical expertise, thus creating more effective patient/physician relationships.

To do this, we draw from the wisdom and data of humanities fields such as philosophy, religion, anthropology, sociology and the arts. This knowledge is then incorporated into a comprehensive curriculum that will influence and enhance the humanistic awareness of a future generation of health care providers.


The Year 3 Medical Humanities Clerkship focuses on the physician as self and the physician-patient dyad.

Physician as Self Learning Objectives  
•    Reflect and discuss about self in community and self as community  
•    Reconnect with parts of your identity that may have been lost or dormant through your journey in medicine and/or carve out an identity that is separate but related to medicine  
•    Express what you are feeling in ways that enhance connection  
•    Grow interpersonal and communication skills and empathy through collaboration  
•    Develop a plan for thriving through a commitment to self-reflection, self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-care.

Physician-Patient Dyad Learning Objectives  
•    Learn about clinician/patient relationship models and how to apply them  
•    Learn about and how to employ moral theories to resolve clinical ethical dilemmas  
•    Learn how to identify ethical situations in medical practice and how to navigate and traverse through ethical scenarios commonly encountered in medical practice  
•    Discuss and begin to identify the impact of bias in medical practice  
•    Learn and improve bedside interactions with patients and families  

Students will also create a project that reflects their understanding of how the humanities and medicine interact