Southern Illinois University School of Medicine encourages and supports world health experiences within the curriculum, however the institution needs to be sure that you will be safe in the educational environment.  The United States State Department issues travel warnings for various foreign countries with problems that may threaten a traveler.  The list is published on the Internet at

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine will prohibit travel to destinations which are listed on this website or to countries where travel insurance cannot be obtained for.  All students considering foreign travel must have a pre-orientation session with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  This meeting will be an opportunity to review student expectations and go over our travel checklist.  Students must sign a waiver in order to travel to foreign countries.  Emergency health coverage will be available through the current Southern Illinois University plan.  All immunizations must be reviewed and be in compliance with the CDC travel web site at  All students will be required to obtain travel insurance, which includes a plan for emergency evacuation, unless waived by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  They must have a document from the educational supervisor, which also contains information regarding what that level of student is capable of and trained for.  After all conditions are met, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs will work with the Risk Management Department in Carbondale to ensure that malpractice insurance coverage is available.  After all of the above steps are completed, educational approval will be sought for the proper transcript notations.