OBSERVEMDD0001 (A prospective, longitudinal, observational study to evaluate potential predictors of relapse in subjects with major depressive disorder who have responded to antidepressant treatment)


Jeffrey I. Bennett, MD (Faculty, Adult Division)

Obiora Onwuameze, MD (Faculty, Adult Division)

Vinod Alluri, MD (Faculty, Adult Division)

Eric Black, MD (Faculty, Adult Division)

Santosh Shrestha, MD (Faculty, Adult Division)

Arindam Chakrabarty, MD (Resident)

This multisite, industry sponsored study investigates measurable parameters predicting relapse in recurrent Major Depressive Disorder in young and middle aged adults. Voice properties, physical activity, salivary factors, changes in expressed levels of blood proteins and RNA, subjective responses on various inventories, and clinical exam findings will be analyzed in patients who undergo relapse as well as those not relapsing during the study period. This study has implications for safer management and more personalized medical approaches for patients suffering from recurrent depressive disorders.