Psychiatry Education


The Department of Psychiatry provides education and training in each year of the medical school curriculum establishing the pre-requisite didactic and clinical knowledge as well as clinical skills for interested students to become successful candidates for psychiatric residency training. The medical school psychiatric curriculum also provides the clinical framework and exposure for students pursuing other fields of medicine to recognize the characteristic presenting signs and symptoms of primary mental disorders and to understand the clinical course and available treatments.

During the inpatient assignment, students work within an interdisciplinary team to evaluate and treat patients who are suffering from acutely presenting mental illnesses. The lives of these individuals are so disrupted by emotional difficulties that they require the intensive setting of the hospital. During outpatient clinic assignments, students will interview and examine a variety of patients to diagnose and craft treatment strategies which may involve further diagnostic studies; referral to inpatient, partial hospital, or outpatient settings; and pharmacological, neuromodulatory, or psychosocial interventions such as individual or group psychotherapies.

The staff of the clerkship program is committed to the goals of excellence in education and training. I encourage students with questions, comments, or special interests in this ever developing field to contact me or the third-year rotation staff for further information, resources, and opportunities.

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