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Residents and Fellows

William Farris

Class of 2018, Emergency Medicine

Zara Fatima

Class of 2019, Neurology

Nishat Fatima

Class of 2019, Endocrinology

Sam Fatoorehchi

Class of 2019, Springfield Family Medicine

Sarah Fedeli

Class of 2021, General Surgery

James Feimster

Class of 2021, General Surgery

Liam Fischer

Class of 2020, Radiology

Julia Fiuk

Class of 2018, Urology

Anna Flaherty

Class of 2021, Otolaryngology

Nathalie Foray

Class of 2018, Pulmonary Medicine

Tyler Fulks

Class of 2019, Emergency Medicine

Ryan Funk

Class of 2020, Otolaryngology

Jenna Goeckner

Class of 2020, Pediatrics

Aaron Golitko

Class of 2020, Emergency Medicine

Yuan Yuan "Jackie" Gong

Class of 2019, Obstetrics & Gynecology

R. David Graham

Class of 2019, Orthopaedic Surgery