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Problem-based Learning Workshop

Are you interested in:

  • Using problem-based learning to build competencies and critical thinking?

  • Building meaningful problems connected to curriculum goals?

  • Designing a problem-based learning curriculum and better assessing student learning?

Join us for "Essentials of Problem-Based Learning: Facilitator Development, Problem Construction, Curriculum Design, and Student Assessment," an experiential, problem-based learning workshop on June 02 - 05, 2020!

This workshop combines training in the essential faculty skills for problem-based learning, including how to design a problem-based curriculum and draft the problems central to it, how to facilitate small groups and how to assess students.

By interweaving the skills sessions, participants will be able to develop their facilitating skills while tutoring the problems they are developing for their own curriculum. We anticipate that participants will have the same wide range of academic disciplines, educational focus and cultural background as we have had in other workshops, making for an exciting sharing of problem-development ideas and institutional challenges.

PBL Brochure and Register for the 2020_Conference


SP workshop dates to:​ April 27 - May 1, 2020