2023 Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Student Research Fellowships

Carolyn L. Kuckein Memorial Fellowship

To be considered for this AOA nomination, eligible students must submit their pre-application material to the ADR Office *NO LATER THAN 4 p.m. on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.  If chosen to represent SIU, final application submission is due online through the AOA website by January 24, 2023.

1.   Cover Page 
2.   Four-page summary of research proposal (single-spaced, 12-point Arial, 1-inch margins) containing:
•    Title
•    Hypothesis
•    Rationale
•    Background information
•    Methods and sample size
•    Plan for data analysis
•    Potential significance
      Details of the role of the student in preparation and execution of the project must be provided along with an estimate of the number of weeks that the student will devote to the project.  Consult AOA webpage for details on this.   
3.   The project’s reference list (not part of 4 page limit, but be succinct).
4.   A curriculum vitae of the student.
Please email the above pre-application to Alexis Gage (agage27@siumed.edu)

An SIU SOM committee comprised of research faculty, both clinical and basic science, will review proposed research projects and select the one proposal to represent SIU SOM by January 24, 2023. The project selected will be provided anonymous reviewers’ comments to permit the student and mentor to revise the proposal before submission to AOA.


If chosen to move forward to the national level, additional items will be required for the final application.  The nominee must consult the AOA webpage for additional instructions and requirements for submission.  Some additional items include:

  1. A letter of support from the faculty supervisor (indicating commitment of time and interest to the project and student), addressed to AOA Honor Medical Society, 525 Middlefield Road, Suite 130 Menlo Park, California 94025, indicating the supervisor’s anticipated degree of involvement and plans for supervision of the research.  Please do not seal in an envelope.
  2. Mentor’s NIH-style biographical sketch (3-4 pages).
  3. Proof of IRB or IACUC approval for the project, if needed.
  4. Letter of endorsement from SOM AOA councilor.
  5. Letter of endorsement from SOM Dean, including comments about suitability of faculty advisor.
  6. The completed AOA checklist.

The nominated student should work with the Office of Student Affairs to compile their final application/submission packet for online submission through the AOA website by January 23, 2023.


Fellowship awards will be announced May 5, 2023 by the AOA.

If the nominee’s proposal is funded by AOA, the student will be required to present a special presentation in the Annual Spring Trainee Research Symposium the following year.  The “AOA Speaker” presentation allows the student to present the results of the study at the symposium and to be recognized as the School’s AOA recipient. Presentation at the Symposium is a School of Medicine requirement of the AOA program. The AOA recipient will be eligible to compete for prize money at the Symposium.

Any publication/poster of the AOA-supported research project must contain the following acknowledgment: “Supported in part by an Alpha Omega Alpha Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowship.”

Students and mentors should be aware that AOA awards are paid directly to students as taxable income.  

If you have any questions, please contact grants@siumed.edu