Support activities for research and faculty scholarship

The pursuit of scholarship is the hallmark of academic medical institutions. SIU School of Medicine supports and encourages participation in formal activities to assist faculty in enhancing their skills in research methodology, publication development, and/or grant procurement. The Office of the Associate Dean for Research (ADR), the Center for Clinical Research (CCR), the Academy for Scholarship in Education (ASE), and the Center for Human and Organizational Potential (cHOP) offer various activities and trainings related to faculty development and research.  

ASE and cHOP offer faculty development workshops on medical education research and scholarship. Some of the workshop topics include: 

  • Conducting a literature review
  • MD-PhD research collaboration process
  • Going beyond the pre-and post-test: measuring skill development
  • Conducting education research and getting published
  • Designing medical education research
  • How to review a manuscript
  • How to review articles for medical journals
  • What you need to know to get published
  • Writing a case report 

Contact the Director of ASE and co-Directors of cHOP for more information. 

The CCR comprehensively supports faculty conducting clinical and outcomes research, including clinical trials. Assistance with research design and methods, protocol development, grant submission, statistical analysis, data management and study coordination. Formal activities include: 

CCR - Clinical Trials Training Course (7 hours) - offered two times per year 

Good Clinical Practice Training Course (3 hours)- offered as needed for faculty CCR 1 Hour Lecture Topics- offered as needed

  • CCR STATS 101: Explanation of Journal Statistics
  • Clinical Research: What-Why-How
  • Stats and Diagnostic Testing
  • Basic Stats and Research Design
  • Clinical Epidemiology Terms and Use
  • Clinical Research vs Quality Improvement
  • Evaluating Processes or Outcomes of Care Using National Databases
  • Writing Case Reports
  • Bioethics Human Experimentation
  • Grant Writing Workshop (8 weeks offered every other year)
  • Using Software that Supports Research: An Introduction to the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS and Altas.ti) 

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research provides the Responsible Conduct in Research course:
Course discussion topics include:

  • Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities and Relations
  • Scientific Integrity, Foreign Influences, and Research Misconduct
  • Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship
  • Conflict of Interest and Commitment; Industry Relations
  • Research Collaborations, Including Industry Based
  • Protection of Human Subjects in Research Projects
  • Reproducibility of Research Findings and Good Research Practices
  • Responsible Data Acquisition and Management
  • Plagiarism, Responsible Literature Searches, and Predatory Journals
  • Understanding Peer Review: Grants and Manuscripts
  • Protection of Animal Subjects in Research
  • Pl Responsibilities in Grant Submission and Management
  • Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research & Social Responsibilities of Scientists
  • Safe Practices in the Laboratory
  • Intellectual Property and Data Ownership