Faculty Affairs offerings and resources

Faculty Being, Wellness, and Flourishing

We value individual faculty’s physical, psychological, and social being, wellness, and flourishing. We offer various programs and activities to achieve this goal at individual and organizational levels in partnership with cHOP, AWIMS, and EDI offices. 

Faculty Learning and Development 

We nurture each faculty member for their learning and professional development, focusing on our three school mission areas: Education, research, and service, including patient care.  

Faculty Career Advancement 

We work for all faculty members’ career advancement and development at different career stages and positions. Promotion and Tenure (P&T) process is part of the efforts. We also offer P&T consultation for individual and departmental needs.  



Faculty Career Paths 

All faculty members contribute to at least two areas of education, research, and service (including patient care) and their career paths can be diverse based on their career interests. We embrace each faculty member’s different career path and work with them to find their meaningful work for themselves, the school, and the community.