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The vision of the Center for Human and Organizational Potential is to develop a model for improving well-being, professional growth and satisfaction in medicine that others want to emulate. Designed with staff, faculty, learners, community members and SIU School of Medicine as a whole in mind, the center focuses on wellness, work preparedness, professional and leadership development, and faculty promotion. Advisors identify and mitigate barriers to progress at both individual and organizational levels. The center works in a proactive and forward-thinking manner to improve the lives and work of SIU in a caring, welcoming and state-of-the-art work environment.

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600 Hours of Coaching and 25 Collaborations: cHOP Celebrates Second Anniversary

A letter from Associate Dean Susan Hingle, MACP, FRCP, FAMWA cHOP celebrates its second anniversary in January 2021. We have had the opportunity to reflect on the past two years and are pleased to