Hispanic Student Recruitment Plan

*Policy Statement:

“The SIU School of Medicine is committed to cultivating a diverse campus population for the well-being of its learners and workforce. Diversity coupled with inclusion brings about a nurturing educational environment ideal for learners at all levels, the faculty who teach, and the staff who support. To that end, the School will recruit, retain, and advance a student body, faculty, and staff reflective of the diversity of the region served by the medical school. . .A diverse student body includes students born and raised in rural areas and small towns of Illinois; all levels of family wealth and educational advantage; and those from groups traditionally underrepresented in medicine (African-Americans, Latinos, Native-American Indians, Alaskans Natives, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders). . .SIU School of Medicine’s goal is to have its learners and workforce reflect the rich diversity found in central and southern Illinois so as to advance the School’s mission of improving the health and welfare of the entire region.”


The Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is committed to fostering a learning environment that is diverse and inclusive. Within this context, diversity and inclusion describe an organizational philosophy that seeks, appreciates, and respects individual differences, and where individuals of varying backgrounds and interests grow alongside one another in a secure, nurturing, professional atmosphere. 


The SIU School of Medicine embraces the following plan designed to increase the opportunity for individuals from Hispanic backgrounds to matriculate at the medical school in proportions reflective of their numbers in the surrounding community.


All members of the Admissions Committee will receive an Orientation to the Hispanic Student Recruitment Plan

All Hispanic student applicants will be:

• Screened by Admissions personnel and have their Underrepresented in Medicine (UIM) status noted

• Interviewed by a veteran member of the Admissions Committee and (whenever possible) by a faculty member who is of Hispanic heritage

• Presented to the Admissions Committee by an individual who understands the Recruitment Plan and its UIM focus

• Referred to MEDPREP as appropriate 

The Admissions Office will maintain a list of Hispanic faculty interviewers (Hispanic Faculty Focus Team); execute and monitor the above plan with

support from the Office of Diversity, Multicultural and Minority Affairs. 


*From Southern Illinois University School of Medicine’s Policy and Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, 2013

Created January 2015