Minority Faculty Mentoring Program

Each newly hired faculty member who is underrepresentted in medicine (UIM - African-American, Latino, Native American Indian, Alaskan Native) will meet with the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, the Executive Assistant to the Dean for Diversity and the designated department chair or division chief (coordinators) for an initial interview to determine if the individual would like to have a mentor, and if so, to establish needs interests, goals, etc. 

Coordinators will identify a volunteer faculty mentor based on the needs identified in the above interview.

Mentor and mentee will be introduced and expected to meet at least monthly.

A six-month review of the mentoring relationship will be carried out. Any additional mentoring needs will be identified at that time and a plan developed to address those needs.

Formal mentor-mentee relationship will last one year

Coordinators will conduct end-of-year interviews with mentor and mentee (separately) to evaluate the process

If the newly-hired UIM faculty member declines a mentor, they will be contacted after six months to see if they have changed their mind.