Doctor of Medical Science


The Doctor of Medical Science degree at Southern Illinois University will prepare medical professionals who are thought leaders working in health care, higher education, research and innovative industries, as well as public and private agencies. These PA leaders will be thoroughly grounded in knowledge base, research paradigms, practical applications, and the ethical/legal implications of their respective career paths. The DMSc degree will provide a balanced mix of theory, research, and practical application in the areas medical practice, education, and leadership.

This advanced degree created for PAs by PAs. This degree is designed to enhance the PA’s abilities to become a more effective member and leader of the profession and the health care field. The courses are designed to result in PAs who are prepared to take on high-level administrative, leadership and clinical roles within their organizations and beyond. PAs who complete the DMSc will be more prepared, adaptable, competitive, and marketable in an ever-evolving health care landscape. DMSc-trained PAs can become outstanding leaders, health care providers and educators in their communities and trusted resources during disaster situations.


Doctor of Medical Science Divisions

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Physician assistant program offer doctorate

SIU School of Medicine’s Physician Assistant Program launched a new Doctor of Medical Science degree (DMSc) program in summer 2021. This is degree is one of only a handful of U.S. medical schools offering the doctorate degree.

The DMSc program has a clinical track for physician assistants practicing clinically and educational track for those working in PA education. The DMSc program is designed to advance physician assistant clinical and educational skills, preparing PAs for more prominent roles in leadership, management and service to their organizations, patients, and students. The clinical track will have an emphasis on caring for the underserved, and the educational track will have added focus on problem-based learning.