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Telehealth counseling sessions with SIU Medicine counselors are available for those in need of additional support. Up to six individual, couple or group sessions are available at no cost to the farmer or farm family member with the support of grant funding.


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FFRI Grief & Suicide Bereavement Support Groups

Grief & Suicide Bereavement Support Groups

The suicide bereavement support group will meet virtually on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 8 – 9 am. The dates set for 2024 are January 23, February 27, March 26, April 23, May 28 and June 25.

A separate grief support group also meets the fourth Wednesday of each month from 7 – 8 pm. In 2024, those dates are January 24, February 28, March 27, April 24, May 22 are June 26. It is also a virtual gathering.

Josh and Emily Reinhardt
The next generation of agriculture

Meet Josh and Emily

Josh and Emily want their farm to be a family operation with rich history and a bright future. They love what they do but realize that their marital happiness is not exclusively tied to the farm’s success. Their farm and personal relationship are built on mutual respect for each other and others in the operation.

We asked Josh and Emily about farm family life and how they handle the stress and pressures that come with working on a farm.

The Farm Family Resource Initiative provides a range of resources including a helpline to assist with farmer and farm-related issues that include mental and physical health needs. The initiative also offers ongoing outreach, education and training to rural clients and partners working to improve the health and safety of farm families.

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AgriSafe Nurse Scholar Program

The AgriSafe Nurse Scholar program offers nurses and health care workers virtual training in a variety of subjects relevant to rural environments. Webinars will address special populations, workplace ergonomics, PPE, hearing conservation, mental health and well-being for farmers, and more.

FFRI Nurse Scholar Program

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Farm Family Resource Initiative efforts highlighted

Illinois Department of Agriculture Director Jerry Costello highlighted the availability of mental health resources through the Farm Family Resource Initiative while in Carbondale on May 30. He was joined by representatives of SIU Medicine and Josh and Emily Reinhardt, dairy farmers from Red Bud, Illinois.
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Rural Mental Health Summit to focus on farm sector support

Area ag leaders and health care professionals are coming together March 28 to discuss the challenges facing farmers, share best practices to navigate tough times and encourage relationships to benefit the families who feed the nation.