About our residency

Our background

The SIU Alton Family Medicine Residency Program is part of the graduate medical education division of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. The school was founded to meet the on-going need for physicians in southern/central Illinois and has had, from its inception, an orientation towards primary care in general and Family Medicine in particular. The Department of Family & Community Medicine is responsible for the administration of the academic residency program. The Department operates residency programs in Alton, Carbondale, Decatur, Quincy, and Springfield and a physician assistant training program in Carbondale. The Department of Family & Community Medicine is committed to the training of caring, competent, and efficient family physicians. While the general orientation of the department is towards the training of providers who will practice in southern/central Illinois, we recognize that many of our graduates will practice elsewhere and our training is not restricted to the needs of our local area. The Department is involved in many other academic pursuits including research, undergraduate medical education, and the training of physician assistants.

Our mission statement

In a spirit of caring and compassion, we will enhance the health of the people of the region through service, scholarship, and community outreach in our Family Medicine residency program while training the next generation of skilled and compassionate family physicians.

Our program aims

Our program will:

• Serve a diverse population in the metro-East St. Louis and southwest/central Illinois
region, many of whom deal with barriers to access to quality primary care services

• Train residents to care for this population with core Family Medicine skills in both
outpatient and inpatient settings

• Take into consideration the specific needs of our patients

• Take into consideration the needs of our residents as they prepare for their future
practice environments

• Strive to instill the principles of lifelong learning and scholarly inquiry, with an additional
focus on community outreach and advocacy for the health of the communities we serve

• Train our residents to balance the demands of providing equitable, compassionate,
enjoyable, quality primary care services

• Deliver care and education while encouraging all to maintain healthy, enjoyable lives
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