Evaluation of Program

Program directors may receive feedback about their program via a variety of instruments.

The ACGME Resident Survey is administered directly by the ACGME to residents. As long as programs have four or more residents and have 70% or greater participation, they receive aggregate feedback and national data for comparison. These are administered between January and March of any calendar year and released to all programs in May or June.

The ACGME Faculty Survey is administered directly by the ACGME to faculty. In order to receive the Faculty Survey report, a program must have at least four faculty members participating and at least a 70% response rate. Release dates mirror that of the Resident Survey.

The ACGME Well-Being Survey is administered directly by the ACGME to faculty and residents. Administration and release dates mirror that of the Resident and Faculty Surveys.  Results of the Well-Being survey are not part of accreditation decisions and should be used by programs to monitor wellbeing of residents/fellows and faculty.

SIU End of Year Survey In April of each year the Office of Graduate Medical Education distributes the end-of-year survey to all residents and fellows. Included in the questionnaire is an evaluation of the program administration, hospitals, the educational experience, patient care, and facilities. Results for hospital specific questions are shared in composite form with the Affiliated Hospitals and House Staff Board of Directors. Individual, program responses are shared with the PD, PC, and Department Chairs of these programs.

These surveys are all administered outside of the program and reviewed annually by GMEC, as part of its oversight function.

Resident and Faculty Evaluation of Program

In addition, programs MUST provide an opportunity each year for residents and faculty to evaluate the program confidentially and in writing. The program must use the results of residents’ and faculty members’ assessments of the program together with other program evaluation results to improve the program.

Annual Program Evaluation

The appointment of a Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) and completion of an Annual Program Evaluation (APE) are core ACGME program requirements, with many moving pieces. SIU GMEC requires a specific protocol for programs to conduct and document their APE. Please refer to the APE Information Guide and APE Action Plan Tracking Sheet in New Innovations.