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Legal, Liability and Interview Requests


The employing hospitals provide professional liability insurance for residents and fellows during their training.  The policies are a minimum $1,000,000 per occurrence and cover any professional acts performed within the scope of training, whether during or after completion of training.  If they need a copy of the current liability policy or need to request malpractice / claims verification, please contact the Risk Management office of their employing hospital, with the exception of Springfield based residents/fellows.  The insuring hospital in Springfield is based on the site of occurrence.

The Guidelines for When Legal Papers are Served on Campus should be referenced in addition to this information.

  • Current residents/fellows:  If a resident receives a subpoena or notice to appear for a deposition, they should immediately contact the Risk Manager of their employing hospital. 
    • Residents should never appear for or schedule a deposition without the assistance of the Risk Manager.
    • The Risk Manager will look into the case and determine where it occurred.
    • The Risk Manager will pass along the documentation to the appropriate entity if it is not a case that occurred in their hospital.
    • If it is an event that occurred in an SIU Medicine Clinic, the employing hospital will handle it.
    • A Program Director may offer support for the resident involved in litigation however there can be no discussion regarding the case involved, including but not limited to, the facts of the case, the individuals involved, the medical record documentation, etc.  The Program Director can show empathy for the situation and offer support and encouragement, but they cannot in any manner discuss the case at issue.
  • Exited residents/fellows:  Similar process
    • Previous employing hospital Risk Manager will assess where the documentation needs to be sent.
    • If the event occurred at the employing hospital or SIU Medicine Clinic, the Risk Manager will handle the communications.  If it occurred at another site, they will get it to the appropriate contact person.

Malpractice Verification:

  • Due to insurance coverage potentially changing from year to year (providers, etc), the hospitals can’t simply send information on the insurance company, coverage amount, dates of coverage, etc.
  • The hospital researches the coverage for the dates of training and constructs a letter that reviews all previous coverage and any claims.
    • If the resident is the one requesting the information for future employment, the hospital will send the letter directly to the resident and ask them to keep the original for future verifications.
  • Springfield residents:  Since residents have separate insurance at each hospital, requests for malpractice verification must be sent to both entities, regardless of the employer.

Click here for the risk management contact information for each affiliated hospital.


A program may be contacted by an outside agency requesting to set up an interview with a resident regarding a patient that was seen at the hospital.  Examples of agencies are the IL Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), law enforcement agencies, advocacy agencies, etc.  Prior to setting up an interview, the appropriate risk management office should be contacted and provided with information regarding the request.  The representative will assess the situation and determine how to proceed. 

For Springfield based programs contact:

    Memorial:  Todd Riplinger, 217-788-3197

    Alternates if Todd is not available:

  • Mary Ann Pyle, 217-788-3197
  • Maryann Cartwright, 217-788-3197

    St. John’s:  Brenda Vilayhong, 217-544-6464,
     ext. 44023 or cell 217-638-3205

     Alternate if Brenda is not available:

  • Juliet Stanton (217-814-8336)