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Wellness Resources

Residency training is a time of tremendous personal and professional growth.  It can also be very stressful.  Residency training has long been identified as a high risk time for symptomatic levels of stress, burnout and depression.  Between 22 and 43% of residents experience some level of depression during residency and 50-75% suffer from burnout. Suicide, although quite rare, is a leading cause of death among residents. If you have concerns about a resident’s level of wellness, please talk to them and encourage them to seek help. If you have concerns about a resident’s suicide risk, consult with the Associate Dean for GME (ADGME).  For any resident who needs some professional assistance, multiple resources are available. 

1) An employee assistance program is provided for all residents and fellows by their employing hospital.  This program provides professional, confidential assistance by a counselor to anyone in need.  This is free, and no record of contact with the counselor is placed in your medical records, Health Service records or personnel file.  All contact is kept confidential, except as required by law or in situations deemed potentially life-threatening.

Springfield Programs

Memorial Medical Center

Employee Assistance Program

Toll Free (888) 817-8989


Employee Assistance Program

(217) 744-2255 or 800-879-7005

Affiliate Programs

Decatur Memorial Hospital

Employee Assistance Program


Blessing Hospital

Employee Assistance Program

217 223 1200 ext 4525

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale

Employee Assistance Program


2) Any resident or fellow who is in need of brief intervention by a psychiatrist has available to them one evaluation and up to six follow-up visits, free of charge and no questions asked.  Any resident wishing to utilize this service can contact the Office of Graduate Medical Education (545-8853) and be assigned a confidential number.  All treatment information is kept confidential except as required by law, or if the resident gives permission.  Participating psychiatrists are: 

Springfield Residents Only:

  • Vine Street Clinic (217-862-0115)
  • SIU Department of Psychiatry (217-545-7675)

Affiliate Residents:  Contact OGME for more information.

3) Coverage for longer term counseling, psychiatric care or formal substance abuse treatment is available through their health insurance.  Contact the human resources office of your employing hospital for details regarding mental health benefits for the various policies available to residents.

4) The Illinois Professionals Health Program is an advocacy program for impaired Illinois health professionals sponsored by the Illinois State Medical Society, the Illinois State Medical Insurance Exchange and other professional health organizations. This program is available to provide initial intervention, screening, and referral services as well as coordination of care and case management for impaired professionals (including substance abuse). They can coordinate intervention services, handle referrals to approved treatment providers for assessment and treatment, and make after-care arrangements. This program is available to all Illinois physicians, residents, and medical students. This program is independent from the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation and has no disciplinary role or authority.    

24 hour helpline is 800-215-4357

5) A variety of interesting materials regarding nutrition, wellness, stress management and mental health are available at the Office of Graduate Medical Education website at .