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Aspects Magazine

The official publication of SIU School of Medicine first appeared in March 1977, just as staff moved into the new Springfield instructional facility.

Winter 2020 (42-3)

50 Years of Learning and Leading

Lincoln Scholars Program

AWIMS Honors Basnet

A Cut Above

Innovative Spaces

Alums @ 50

winter 2020

Summer/Fall 2019 (42-2)

Maternal Matters

One Decade, 5,000 Babies

Medicine Meets Mayhem

Maternal Health Disparities Challenge the American Dream

fall 2019

Spring 2019 (42-1)

Dark Days: When Violence Hits Health Care

Remembering Dr. Tamara O'Neal

#This Is Our Lane

Critical Conditions

Planting the Seed: Using Trauma-informed Care

spring 2019

Winter 2019 (41-4)

Preparing for a Pandemic

Better Together

40 Years of Stewardship

Aspects of a Learner - Aileen Portugal

Military Medicine

Winter 2019

Summer 2018 (41-3)

Graduation 2018

The Team Approach (Homeless Outreach Team)

Profile: Med Student SPeaks at TEDx

Aspects of a Learner: Prezley Duncan, MS

In Memory: Reed Williams, PhD

SCOPE celebrates 25 years

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Summer 2018

Spring 2018 (41-2)

An Olympic Feat: Dr. David Jeong

Match Day 2018

Measuring MEDPREP's Effectiveness

Aspects of a Learner: Ehitare Emuse, MEDPREP

Social Robots May Help Children With Autism Communicate

Med Student Scholarship Distribution Doubles

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Spring 2018

Winter 2018 (41-1)

From Clinic to Communities: Population Health Surges at SIU SOM

Profile: Sameer Vohra, MD, JD

Y3T a Success: Year Three Transformation

Research: Andy Wilber, PhD

Dr. Kruse and the Triple Aim + 1

Triple Aim Architect Visits SIU Medicine

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Winter 2018 (41-1)

Autumn 2017 (40-4)

The Battle Rages On - Veterans and PTSD

Profile: Sohail Siddique, MD

Educate and Vaccinate: Spreading the word about HPV's Highly Protective Vaccine

Center for Alzheimer's Disease  ‘Steps Up’ in Spite of Budget Woes

Autumn 2017 (40-4)

Summer 2017 (40-3)

"I Hurt" - The opioid epidemic

A Seat at the Table - Women in Medicine

Profile: Dr. Sandra Ettema

Summer 2017

Spring 2017 (40-2)

Project Self-Sufficiency - Access to Care Collaborative in Enos Park

Profile: Dr. Wesley McNeese

The Strength in Our DIfferences - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Spring 2017

Winter 2017 (40-1)

Profile: Dr. Glen Aylward - Transformative Movement

Sleepy States: The Problem of Sleepy Kids - Dr. Anwar Shafi

Winter 2017

Autumn 2016 (39-4)

Powerhouse of Care - Center for Family and Community Medicine in Springfield advances

Children in Crisis - The Children's Medical and Mental Health Resource Network

The Hauntmaster - Dr. John Soudel 

Unprecedented - Dr. Jerry Kruse's 1-year anniversary as dean and provost

Autumn 2016

Summer 2016 (39-3)

A Mouthful of Peanut Butter - Hearing loss, cochlear implants and audiology

Profile: Audiologist Anna Bussing

Auditory Rangers 

Model Patients, Model School - Standardized Patients program marks 35 years

Distinguished Alumna - Elizabeth Collins, MD


Summer 2016

Spring 2016 (39-2)

Spring 2016

Winter 2016 (39-1)

Winter 2016

Autumn 2015 (38-4)

Autumn 2015

Summer 2015 (38-3)

Summer 2015

Spring 2015 (38-2)

Spring 2015

Winter 2015 (38-1)

Winter 2015

Autumn 2014

A Study in Longevity: Dr. Andrzej Bartke

Keep Kids in School

Deliberate Practice: New third-year curriculum

In Front of the 8-ball

Autumn 2014