SIU Website Contributors

Edits web content contributors can and should make:
  • Add/remove internal and external hyperlinks
  • Upload and link PDF documents
  • Add/update text on a web page
  • Add an event to the events calendar
  • Add/remove a photo
Example of edits/changes to be made by the Office of Communications, Marketing & Engagement:
  • Content strategy assistance
  • Menu structures and add/remove from menus
  • Create/edit profiles for faculty or providers
  • Edit landing pages

Website Contributors

Melissa Buchanan

Matthew Collins


Rebecca Budde

Annelisa Herter

Geoff Pettys

Jackie Ackerman
Amy Gustafson
Amber Boon

Ashley Bone

David Capps

Cassie Mattson
Katie Oxby
Katherine Moore

Staci Eakins

Joe Houston
Kristine Shake

Carol Coniglio

Trevor Thompson

Tracie Johnson

Lisa Fowler

Elise Grabowska
Mary Nash-Swink

Carolyn Kennedy

Anneke Metz

Kissindra Moore

Joel Reichensperger

Destiny Slater

Myra Tosh

Alexandra Vaughn 

Alison Witcher

Crystal Bright

Kimberly Cooper

Dakota Brown Oluchukwu Oba

Elizabeth Emery

Diane Hughs

Gabriella Goodpasture Alexis Gage

Kimberly Cooper Heidi Graham Blasko

Kristen Caraker

Mindy Youngberg

Emily Murphy

Catherine H. Brower

Can't find your person?

If you are unable to find a contributor or your needs go beyond basic content updates, please submit a request to the Office of Marketing, Communications & Engagement.

Submit a request for help

What's the turnaround?

Website timeline

Directory profile update 5 business days
Calendar event update 5 business days
Basic content update 5 business days
New inner page* 5-10 business days
New landing page* 2-3 weeks
New section* 4-6 weeks

*Dependent on the content provided by the campus client.