The Department of Medical Humanities offers a curriculum designed to provide students with a core knowledge in the humanities, emphasizing application of the content and methodologies of humanities disciplines to the practice of medicine. Department faculty provide educational experiences for undergraduate medical students during Years 1 and 2. During Year 3, the Department delivers a one-week curricular clerkship, entitled "The Physician-Patient Relationship," as well as multiple integrated modules and learning experiences that form part of the clinical clerkships. During Year 4, a second one-week curricular clerkship is delivered, entitled "Society, Law and Health Care: The Physician's Role." Additionally, numerous electives are offered during Years 3 and 4 for students enrolled in the M.D. and the M.D./J.D. Dual Degree programs. The Department also develops and delivers educational experiences at the graduate, postgraduate, and continuing education levels. In fulfilling its teaching mission, the Department complements the expertise of a strong interdisciplinary faculty with active involvement of a diverse panel of cross-appointed and adjunct faculty.