Web Links

Educational Sites

  • CDEM Curriculum 
    • Great reading links based on year of training (MS3 vs MS4)
    • Very concise and focused readings on approach to common ED Chief Complaints
  • Life In the Fast Lane 
    • Good search bar for common and rare ED diagnoses
    • Great EKG resource
  • Radiopedia 
    • Images on common radiological diagnoses and findings
    • Lots of example images
  • EMBasic 
    • Online blog that focuses on the basics of EM
    • Podcast come with 2 page “summaries” that can be easily printed out and read up on.
    • Focuses on the history, physical, differential, work up and disposition for common chief complaints and situations in the ED.
  • EMFundamentals 
    • Another online resource that breaks down evaluations based on chief complaint, as well as critical diagnoses, and essential skills
    • Provides links to good online resources for further education on each of those topics
  • WikEM 
    • Great for to the point bedside look up for the "30 second" review

Emergency Medicine Societies