Links to Federal Regulations

45 CFR 46 Protection of Human Subjects The HHS (OHRP) regulations, 45 CFR part 46, include four subparts: subpart A, also known as the Federal Policy or the “Common Rule”; subpart B, additional protections for pregnant women, human fetuses, and neonates; subpart C, additional protections for prisoners; and subpart D, additional protections for children.
45 CFR 164 Disclosures for Public Health Activities The Privacy Rule, HIPAA.
21 CFR 50 Protection of Human Subjects (FDA) 21 CFR 50 Include the regualtions for the protection of human research subjects.  In many ways, identical to 45 CFR 46.
21 CFR 56 Institutional Review Boards (FDA) 21 CFR 56 provides regulations describing the general standards for the composition, operation, and responsibility of an Institutional Review Board (IRB). 
21 CFR Part 312 Investigational New Drug Applications FDA regulations for the investigation of new drugs or the testing of drugs for a new indication. 
21 CFR Part 812 Investigational Device Exemptions FDA regulations for the investigation of devices.