Payment of SCRIHS Review Fees

Effective date: May 22, 2015

Re: Payment of IRB Review Fee

If you are submitting a protocol for IRB review to the Springfield Committee for Research Involving Human Subjects (SCRIHS) at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and the Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) is not executed at the time of submission, SCRIHS requires documentation from the Sponsor stating that the Sponsor agrees to pay the IRB review fee regardless of the CTA negotiation outcome.  Without this documentation, the protocol cannot be placed on a SCRIHS meeting agenda for review until the CTA is executed.

Furthermore, if a protocol is reviewed by SCRIHS prior to CTA execution, language revisions to the protocol or informed consent during the CTA negotiation process will require the submission of an amendment to SCRIHS for approval. An amendment review fee will be charged for any resulting adjustments.