Minds in Motion

Exercise, create, and explore using all five senses.

Minds in Motion is an evidence-based program, designed for persons experiencing memory loss or dementia. The goal is to improve or maintain mental, physical and emotional well-being, using all five senses in a variety of activities. Sessions are held twice a month and each session has a different theme to help keep the program fresh. Activities include:

  • Brain games
  • Creative activities
  • Art
  • Music
  • Socialization
  • Chair yoga

The Minds in Motion programs are between three and four hours, and allow respite for caregivers if they choose. Caregivers are welcome to participate as well! 

Where is the program held?

There are two sessions for Minds in Motion:

  • Illinois Presbyterian Home Communities, 2005 W. Lawrence Ave., Springfield
  • NAACP, 801 S. 11th St, Springfield


For more information, contact: