Hypertension ECHO

Hypertension ECHO

In this ECHO, you'll learn to

  1. Master clinically essential topics that will enhance practitioners' ability to diagnose hypertension accurately, risk stratify patients and more effectively control hypertension, and
  2. Provide a risk stratification framework specifically for patients with severe blood pressure elevations to guide therapeutic decision-making regarding the type, timing and location of anti-hypertensive drug therapy.


•    Earn up to 8 continuing education credits
•    Discuss your patients' complex medical conditions with the hypertension specialty panel
•    Learn and interact with experts right in your office. No need to travel!
•    Discuss timely topics, including the new blood pressure guidelines

Curriculum at a glance

•    Hypertension Essentials
•    Principles of Hypertension
•    Therapeutic Diuretics
•    Non-diuretic Anti-hypertensive Drugs
•    Complications of Anti-hypertensive Drug Therapy
•    Management Strategies for Patients with Severe BP Elevations
•    New American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association Blood Pressure Guidelines
•    Drugs that Interfere with Hypertension Treatment


Email echo@siumed.edu or call 217-545-7494. 

The SIU Hypertension ECHO is part of the Great Lakes Partners for Patients Initiative, a collaboration that includes the Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) and Wisconsin Hospital Association.