Honoraria for guest faculty* will be set by the course director upon the recommendation of the course planning committee.  The speaker’s background, the usual honorarium for the discipline, and other relevant facts will be considered.   Honoraria should fall within the following ranges:

Junior Faculty (lecturers, researchers, assistant professors, equivalent):

$250 to $750 per activity

Senior Faculty (associate professors, professors, equivalent):

$750 to $2500 per activity

Special Recognition Faculty (nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the field)

$1500 to $5000 per activity 

Exception:  In those cases where the guest faculty’s participation is more extensive than one or two one-hour presentations, a higher honorarium may be offered.  Examples would include speakers who present a seminar or workshop lasting several hours, or a guest faculty who teaches skills courses.  These will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The SIU School of Medicine, joint sponsor or designated education partner must pay any honorarium, travel expenses, and reimbursement of other allowed out-of-pocket expenses for the faculty directly.  Pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, or any other ACCME-defined commercial interest may not make direct payments to speakers or planners or pay their expenses; planning committee members, speakers, joint sponsors, teachers, authors, or any others involved with conducting the activity may not accept any payments from other sources.

*SIU School of Medicine faculty members do not receive payment for serving as planners or speakers at SIU School of Medicine-sponsored CME/CPD activities.  They may be reimbursed for expenses incurred, such as transportation, lodging, and meals, following State of Illinois Policies and Procedures.  (Note: Please consult the travel guide for state employees at for allowable expenses and limitations.)

This policy is in accordance with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support, 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9.

Revised 1/9/17