Medical Student Rotations


SIU Center for Family Medicine - Quincy is proud to provide educational opportunities for pre-medical students as well

as medical students through the fourth year. The students will find eager teachers in our residents and

faculty. We have ample opportunities for hands-on development of skills, both in the hospital as well as

outpatient setting. Several rotations exist, including: family medicine, emergency medicine, sports

medicine, obstetrics, ENT and ICU. Fourth year medical students are given some flexibility in their

schedule for increased exposure to interest areas in family medicine.


Choosing a student rotation is a great way to learn more about the terrific, unique opportunities available

for family medicine training at the SIU Center for Family Medicine - Quincy.


Student Housing


Housing is provided within easy walking distance to the hospital and clinic. Meal tickets are provided for

free meals at Blessing Hospital. A laundry facility is available in the basement of the student house




Contact MaryAnn Epley at for more information about how to set up a rotation.