Class of 2022

Logan Warner, DO

“Faculty are very helpful and caring. Great training. Good inpatient experience. Unopposed residency.” 


Elizabeth Shaffer, MD

Elizabeth Shaffer

“I would choose SIU Quincy because of its unopposed program and the ability to tailor the program to your specific needs.”

Class of 2022

Andrew Milian, MD

Andrew Milian

“The reason I would choose SIU Quincy to do my family medicine residency is that it is unopposed with a wonderful faculty willing to adapt and change to my learning needs. The program director is always open to new ideas and is extremely innovative when it comes to the residents’ medical education. SIU Quincy from the beginning wanted me to find what I enjoy in medicine and they provided me the resources and confidence to pursue my goals. The community attendings were welcoming when I approached them with my desire to gain a diverse procedural experience, without having to compete with other residency specialties. There is a family atmosphere that always picked me up when I was feeling burned out or if I had a bad experience. The faculty were quick to help guide me through all of my experiences, good or bad. At the end of my residency I can safely say I would pick SIU Quincy again for my medical training and I look forward to returning to teach future residents.”

Class of 2022

Surya Polavarapu, MD

Surya Polavarapu

“SIU Quincy Family Medicine program has a strong foundation in education and teaching. Our conferences, lectures, and simulation labs provide an excellent structure for learning and solidify what we experience on the floors. All the attendings are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate physicians who strike the perfect balance of being supportive but also allowing the residents to have autonomy with patient care. They are also excellent teachers with a true passion for didactics. I also truly appreciated the flexibility of the rotations and the wide variety of specialties you can experience. The program does an excellent job of creating a family-oriented, supportive atmosphere and an excellent work-life balance. Thanks to our incredible attendings, support staff and my wonderful fellow residents, this is truly an incredible place to train and grow as a physician.” 

Class of 2022

Tanner Eiben, DO


“Completing my residency at SIU Center for Family Medicine in Quincy was a transformational journey in the most positive aspects. The patients, staff, faculty and community all play an integral part in resident support and education and do a great job at it. Great communication, community attendings, faculty attendings, an unopposed program and many opportunities in the area are all great attributes and a great way to shape the resident education into what I wanted it to be. In fact, I will be staying after graduation to complete the Sports Medicine Fellowship, also in Quincy. Overall, I highly recommend this program, especially if candidates are looking for a great education and a touch of rural medicine in an area with a lot of resources.”

Class of 2021

Kathryn Demitruk, MD

Kat Demitruk

“Southern Illinois University Quincy Family Medicine was a wonderful choice for residency for me because I really wanted an unopposed residency program that strongly emphasized a sense of family and community not just with patients but among coworkers as well. I believe everyone in the program, especially the attending physicians and my co-residents became an extension of my family while I was there. Having the opportunity to work with attending physicians who care strongly about your intellectual and personal growth as a physician is imperative to becoming the best and most well-rounded physician you can be. SIU Quincy gave that to me, and for that, I will be forever grateful.”

Class of 2020

Herman Leung, DO

"For me, there is no regret when I chose to come to Quincy for my residency training. I loved the one-on-one interaction with my preceptors, as this is the only residency program in the area.  However, it is the friendships and connections I have formed with the staff at SIU-Quincy and the community that has been the most important to me. This is why I didn't hesitate to join SIU-Quincy and practice in the city I have grown to love."

Class of 2020

John Vu, MD

John Vu

“I recommend SIU Quincy for multiple reasons. Going through the program, I have had excellent exposure that progresses medical knowledge. Being an unopposed program allows for in-depth one-on-one learning opportunities. In addition, there was great support from the hospital system and community.”

Class of 2020

Nicolai Zhidkov, MD

Nicolai Zhidkov

“Initially I chose to train at SIU Quincy due to the fact that it was unopposed. During my training, I learned far more than I thought I would. I worked with amazing people both at the clinic and in the hospital and felt that I had support 100% of the time. I also got very attached to Quincy. I will say that I did have an adjustment phase. However, now that I am finished with the program I hate the fact that I am leaving this great town and the hospital. P.S. You won’t find another coordinator like we have at this program, it’s a bonus for the program!”

Class of 2020

Ben Bukey, DO

Ben Bukey

“My experience at SIU has been great for the following reasons: You are treated and feel like family. We take care of one another. You are encouraged and have the means to pursue your own path and explore various practice options. Extra-curricular activities such as moonlighting are highly encouraged. Faculty are wonderful with an open-door policy that holds true to its name. It is a small program that focuses and cares about the growth and well-being of the residents and faculty. It’s a hidden gem.”