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Educational Resources

From time to time, program directors call about residents who have performance deficits that do not seem to be related to gaps in medical knowledge or technical skills. Often, these stem from stress, anxiety or depression. (See RESIDENT WELLNESS section for resources.)

For residents struggling with problematic non-cognitive behaviors not related to anxiety, stress or depression, evaluation by a Performance and Learning Strategist may be helpful. The following resources are available:

Wendi Wills El-Amin, M.D.
Associate Professor and Academic Coach/ Academic Strategist
Departments of Family and Community Medicine and Education

High-yield non-cognitive behaviors that are most likely to benefit from a Performance and Learning Strategy Evaluation include:

  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Cognitive skill development
  • Interpersonal/teamwork communication
  • Test taking problems

A resident with a pattern of chronic noncompliance with program policies, expectations or follow-up on prior educational interventions is not likely to benefit from this type of assessment.