Internal Medicine Virtual Interview Information

Virtual Interviews

The Internal Medicine residency program will conduct virtual interviews. You can expect to receive information about these interviews via email with a schedule and videos to watch. A sample virtual interview day will look like:
Sample of a Virtual Interview:
Day 1:
6-7pm: Meet and greet current residents
Day 2: You will have three separate, 20-minute interviews. For your convenience, we try to schedule them with minimal downtime between interviews.
Interview with the Program Director
Interview with a Chief Resident
Behavioral interview with a faculty member
The Right Fit:
After twenty years serving as program director at SIU the question of an applicant’s fit is measured by a diverse collection of knowledge, attitudes and skills. Although, not absolute, applicants who identify with the mission of SIU School of Medicine advance the objective of serving the residents of Central and Southern Illinois.
Our Graduates
    • Matched applicants had mean Step 1 (229) and Step 2 (237) scores
    • U.S. graduates, U.S. IMG’s and permanent residents comprise >85% of matched applicants
    • A majority either were born, lived, educated, or worked in Illinois
Desired Characteristics:
    • Superior communication and team building skills
    • Capacity to adopt a growth mindset and be “coachable”
    • Capacity to self-direct/monitor your improvement and development of competency
    • Capacity to identify what you don’t know and develop the evidence based medicine skills to answer clinical questions
    • A commitment to inclusion of diverse cultures, professionalism and personal wellness
    • Passion for patient safety, quality improvement and teaching