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Aspects Winter 2015

Vol 38 No. 1

Social Media: Friend or Foe?

How much is too much? Find out what SIU School of Medicine psychologists and psychotherapists say about the effects of social media on their patient's mental health. 

Social Media

ThinkFirst Turns 25

Injury prevention education has been this group's mission for two decades.


Limbs Back to Life

SIU vascular surgery performs thoracic outlet decompression surgery to help patients overcome pain and disability.

Limbs Back to Life

The Dangers of BPA

SIU researcher Dr. Joe Kurian investigates the dangers in consumer products. 

Dangers of BPA

Keep Calm and Drink Wine

Dr. Angela Holbrook '89, blends two careers: emergency medicine physician and entrepreneur in the heart of Southern Illinois.

Keep Calm & Drink Wine