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Going on the offensive: The potential link between cell senescence and Alzheimer's

Cell senescence may trigger the start of cognitive decline. Can we stop it before it starts?

When you catch a cold or cut your finger, the immune system begins the healing process by clearing damaged cells.

As we age, that process weakens. Health problems linger as immune systems aren’t quite as robust as they once were, whether it’s fighting bacteria, viruses, or cancer cells. But there’s something beyond a cut healing more slowly that Alzheimer’s researchers are taking a closer look at.

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Hascup Lab

ALS drug shows varying effects against Alzheimer’s, metabolism

Effects are unique between males and femalesA recent study from the Hascup labs at SIU Medicine has shown how riluzole, a drug compound typically used to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Black women at increased risk for Alzheimer’s

Intentional community outreach first step in addressing issueDespite having an increased prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Black women often face barriers to health care, leading to
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Study suggests colder environments do not improve cognition in Alzheimer’s

New findings out of the Hascup research groups suggest the body's decline in metabolic function when aging, combined with a chronic colder environment, may increase Alzheimer’s disease progression — particularly in women.