Fellowship Objectives

The andrology fellowship will enable the resident to acquire an advanced body of knowledge and level of skill in the management of reproductive and sexual health diseases in order to assume a leadership role in teaching and research in the field.

This will include:

  • a. an understanding of the classification and evaluation of erectile dysfunction;
  • b. knowledge of the indications, techniques, and complications of radiographic evaluation of the arterial supply of the penis;
  • c. an understanding of the basic techniques of testicular biopsy, evaluation and tissue processing, recognition of basic testicular pathology, and knowledge of pathologic prognostic factors;
  • d. the ability to counsel patients on treatment options for therapy for erectile dysfunction and reproductive health abnormalities;
  • e. an evaluation of erectile dysfunction and reproductive dysfunction in an office based setting;
  • f. an understanding of the indications, complications, techniques, and results and biology of erectile dysfunction treatments;
  • g. an understanding of, the indications, results and basic biology of localized and systemic treatment for reproductive dysfunction;
  • h. an understanding of the biology, evaluation and treatment of local therapies to the penis and testis;
  • i. fellows will be addressing outcome studies in infertility and sexual health.

In addition, individuals completing this training program will be able to:

  • Evaluate the clinical literature and erectile dysfunction and reproductive health in a critical fashion and make contributions to the field.
  • Teach the specialty of andrology.
  • Organize a multidisciplinary approach to erectile dysfunction and male infertility care.