Welcome to the Department of Urology at SIU Medicine. We are a leader in patient care, research and physician education within the field of urology.

Doctors who specialize in this branch of medicine are called urologists and are experts in the management of conditions affecting the male and female urinary tract, including the bladder and kidneys. Urologists also manage conditions affecting the male reproductive organs, including the penis, testes and prostate. Specific conditions we treat include prostate enlargement, testicular cancer, urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

We offer a range of patient services, including state-of-the-art, robotic-assisted surgery. Our providers specialize in areas including sexual health, reproductive medicine pediatric urology.

The Division of Urology provides challenging and comprehensive resident and fellowship training programs that offer excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our goal is to train future leaders in urology, whether in academic medicine or private practice. We’re also dedicated to advancing the field of urology through active programs in both basic and clinical research.

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Urology residency

Urology Residency

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Refining a revolution

Robotic surgery and the resident

It looks like something out of a science fiction film: a three-armed, six-foot tall, 1,400 pound robot with three-dimensional vision, forceps, needle drivers and cautery instruments that act as hands. Capable of performing delicate, extraordinarily precise procedures deep within the body using miniature instruments and 10 times magnification, the da Vinci ® Surgical System is the next generation of minimally invasive surgery. The robotic surgery platform is where imagination meets reality.

Robotic surgeries are becoming the norm in many specialties. Not only is SIU School of Medicine treating patients with this platform, surgeons like urology Dr. Bradley Schwartz are training the next generation of surgeons to use it, too.

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