Vascular Conferences

Vascular Core Conference
Core conference is held every Tuesday at 4 p.m. and is for vascular residents.  Vascular trainees will review and discuss a topic from one of the vascular textbooks or the SCORE curriculum.

Vascular M&M and Interesting Case Conference
Vascular residents and surgery residents on the vascular rotation are required to attend vascular M&M and the interesting case conference.  The conference will occur weekly on Friday at 7 a.m.  The fourth-year vascular resident will present cases at this conference. Attendance at this conference is mandatory.

Vascular Conference
Vascular conference is held every Friday at 8 a.m.  Attendance is mandatory for vascular residents and residents on the vascular surgery service. Listed below are the four broad topics for this conference, which occur on a rotating schedule.  An index will be provided with the specific topics to be discussed each week. 

First Friday Conference –  This conference will consist of rotating topics such as a review of questions obtained from V-SCORE, Non-Invasive Vascular Lab/RPVI Review, Operative Skills presentations, and presentations by members of the industry to highlight new technologies.    

Clinical Curriculum Conference – This conference will provide a systematic review of topics chosen from the APDVS index list.  The format will consist of a review and discussion of published articles germane to the topic at hand.  Articles for this conference will be chosen by the third-year vascular resident according to a predetermined topic schedule.

Vascular Topics – This conference will be presented by the vascular residents and faculty from a selected list of topics or topics of particular interest to the presenter.  This conference will also feature invited speakers on vascular-related topics of interest such as wound care, orthotics and prosthetics, new technologies, innovations in vascular surgery, etc.  

Journal Club – This conference will serve as a review of three to five pertinent articles chosen from a monthly survey of current vascular journals.  Articles addressing basic science issues as well as clinical issues will be presented.

General Surgery Grand Rounds and Core Conference
PGY 1-3 vascular residents will be required to attend general surgery conferences every Thursday from 0700-1000.   M&M conference is held each week at 7 a.m., Grand Rounds are held every other Thursday at 8 a.m., and Core Conference is held every Thursday at 9 a.m.