Dr. Andrew Varney, Internal Medicine Residency Program Director:

Welcome to the Southern Illinois School of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine. We encourage you to browse through our site and find out why previous medical students have chosen us for the next phase of their medical career. Our dedicated faculty and staff, our small size and our legacy of excellence in medical education make us an excellent choice.

Our program continues to pioneer educational innovation. Lessons learned from the Academic Chronic Care Collaborative (2001-2005) and the Educational Innovations project (2006-2016) continue to inform how best to improve our program and also help shape the future teaching content, structure and delivery across residency programs in internal medicine.

Our explicit training objective is to graduate residents who feel they are unrestricted in their career options. SIU IM program graduates are well prepared for a variety of practice settings as generalists or subspecialty fellows in academics or private practice.

The SIU Fellowship footprint continues to grow and we are excited for the launch of both the SIU Cardiology Fellowship Program and SIU Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program and the addition of Critical Care Fellowship with Pulmonary in 2019/2020. Cardiology and hematology/ oncology  will join endocrinology, infectious diseases and pulmonary as SIU fellowship options.

SIU Cardiology Fellowship

SIU Endocrinology Fellowship

SIU Infectious Diseases Fellowship

SIU Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship

SIU Hematology/Oncology Fellowship

The Right Fit:

After twenty years serving as program director at SIU the question of an applicant’s fit is measured by a diverse collection of knowledge, attitudes and skills. Although, not absolute, applicants who identify with the mission of SIU School of Medicine advance the objective of serving the residents of Central and Southern Illinois.

From 2015 – 2020

  • Matched applicants had mean Step 1 (229) and Step 2 (237) scores.
  • US Graduates, US IMG’s and permanent residents comprise >85% of matched applicants.
  • A majority either were born, lived, educated, or worked in Illinois.

Desired Characteristics:

  • Superior communication and team building skills
  • Capacity to adopt a growth mindset and be “coachable”
  • Capacity to self-direct/monitor your improvement and development of competency
  • Capacity to identify what you don’t know and develop the evidence based medicine skills to answer clinical questions.
  • A commitment to professionalism and personal wellness
  • Passion for patient safety, quality improvement and teaching


Sample of a Virtual Interview Day:

Candidate: Jane Doe

Ohio State University College of Medicine

Categorical Internal Medicine

Cell phone: 123/456-7890

Hello Jane Doe,

Prior to your interview please review the following:

  • our program’s slide show: [insert link]
  • our program’s video: [insert link]
  • the following policies [insert GME link], and
  • submit your signed authorization form and attestation (attached)

November 23, 2020

WebEx link for your three interviews and the group meeting with the residents: [insert link]

In case of a technical difficulty, your interviewer will call you using the phone number listed

above by your name.

8:00am- 8:20am      Andrew J. Varney, MD, Professor, General Internal Medicine, Program Director


8:40am- 9am    Cameron Koester, DO or Nitin Tandan, MD, Chief of Residents                                                    


9:25am- 9:45am    Behavioral Interview with Faculty Member, MD/ Faculty Rank and Division                                                     

12:15pm- 1:00pm Question/Answer group meeting with all applicants and a few residents