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SIU Radiology Residency graduates are very successful in matching into top fellowship programs in the country. 


2019 Fellowship Placements

Allison Retzer Cardiothoracic Imaging Duke
Daniel Ryan Neuroradiology Johns Hopkins
Brittany Varney Nuclear Medicine Mallinckrodt - Washington University



1999-2018 Fellowship Placements

Baylor Women's Imaging
Cincinati Pediatric Radiology
Dartmouth Musculskeletal
Duke Neuroradiology
Indiana Interventional Radiology
Indiana Neuroradiology
Indiana Pediatric Radiology
Loyola (2) Body Imaging MRI
Mallinckrodt - Washington University Nuclear Medicine
Mallinckrodt - Washington University Neuroradiology
Mallinckrodt - Washington University Body Imaging
Mayo Clinic - Florida Body Imaging
Mayo Clinic - Rochester (2) Abdominal Imaging
Medical College of Wisconsin Interventional Radiology
Medical College of Wisconsin (2) Body Imaging
Northwestern Breast Imaging
University of Arizona Musculoskeletal
UC San Diego (2) Musculoskeletal
UC San Francisco Women's Imaging
University of Chicago Interventional Radiology
University of Colorado Body Imaging
University of Illinois (2) Mammography
University of Iowa (3) Neuroradiology
University of Iowa Musculoskeletal
University of Miami Neuroradiology
University of Miami Body Imaging
University of Michigan Interventional Radiology
University of Michigan Neuroradiology
UT-Houston Body MRI
Wake Forest Abdominal Imaging