Class Agent

The purpose of the program is to provide an additional avenue of communication between the School and its alumni. Duties of the class agents include:

  • Maintaining communication with classmates for the purpose of providing news items for inclusion in alumni publications. 
  • Assisting with reunion planning activities. 
  • Assisting with activities of the Alumni Society such as the distinguished alumni award program. 
  • Assisting the School in maintaining current address information on classmates. 
  • Helping to facilitate special communications between the School and your class as needed. 

The Current Class Agents list is being updated.

If you would are interested in serving as a class agent, please contact Julie Robbs at (217) 545-7800 or complete our online form. Alternatively, you may choose to print this pdf file and fax the completed form to the Office of Alumni Affairs at (217) 545-0786.