Facilities and Administration Costs and Fringe Benefit Fees

I. Facilities and Administration

Facilities and Administration (F&A) costs, also known as indirect costs, are paid to the University as reimbursement for the costs of providing research infrastructure. These funds are used to support the costs of doing research at the University that includes but are not limited to, facilities, research accounting, grant administration, internal audit, and other indirect cost services of the organization.

Effective January 1, 2015, the indirect cost rate for industry-sponsored clinical trials is 28%. An indirect cost rate of 28% is consistent with the current standard rate charged to all pharmaceutical/device companies for clinical trials. The indirect cost rate applies to all direct and indirect costs paid by industry sponsors. The indirect cost rate does not apply to the IRB fee. It is expected that for-profit private entities will honor the full negotiated F&A costs.

The overhead percentage is taken directly from the payment and retained by the Institution and is not part of Investigator compensation. The SIU HealthCare room fee is $30 and only applies to clinical studies in which a pharmaceutical/device company is sponsoring the trial.

II. Fringe Benefit Rates

The standard (fixed) fringe benefit rate is 48.4% (as of July 1, 2022) for all faculty and staff. Rates for special employment types are:

Retired Employees – 1.5%
Extra Help Employees – 7.7%
Postdoctoral Fellows – 37.5%
Graduate Students – 50% of Primary Care Fee
Undergraduate Students, Student Workers & ineligible J-1 employees – None

Additional information about indirect and fringe rates is available at the SIU School of Medicine Grants and Contracts page.