2018 SIU Medical Student Apparel Fundraiser

                                                                                          Click here for size charts!       

                      If you are wanting to try on items, please call ahead to 545-2860 to schedule those arrangements. 

                     Sample Items will be Located in the Office of Student Affairs - 801 Building, 3rd Floor - Room 3080.                             

                                    To order, please download and print the Medical Student Apparel Fundraiser Form.


                                  Order forms, along with payment, are due by NOON on November 26, 2018 (No exceptions).

                                     Please make sure to include your Name & Contact Information on the form, and send to:



                                                                     Orders will be available for pick up during the week of December 10th!



For convenience, some buildings/departments are submitting one order form for their dept. and will distribute the orders in their own building. If your department is listed below, please submit your order to your respective representative (contact them to make arrangements).  If not listed below and your department would be interested in this, please contact Kim Stolba at kstolba46@siumed.edu for details!  

  • ​201 E. Madison – Kathy Green; 201 suite 300; 545-6632
                            or Sara Neuger; 201 suite 328; 545-5071

  • 327 W. Calhoun – Shauna Bishop; 327 W. Calhoun, 2nd floor – Accounts Payable; 545-8429

  • FCM – Carol Coniglio; 520 N. 4th St., 2nd floor; 747-6470

  • ​Med Humanities – Kristie Parkins; 913 N. Rutledge, Suite 1116; 545-4261

  • ​Neurology – Jessi Allen; 751 N. Rutledge; 545-7226

  • ​OB/GYN – Whitney Nutgrass; Carol Jo Vecchie, 2nd floor; 545-7289

  • ​Psychiatry – Dawn Fifer; 319 E. Madison, Centrum Bldg., 3rd floor admin office; 545-7625

  • ​SCI – Kissindra Moore; SCI, 2nd floor admin suites, room 2064; 545-7969

Thank you for all of your support!





Contact Us

For questions about your order, please contact: siuclothingsale@gmail.com